Defense of the doctoral dissertation topic of Ivana Lukić Kristić

Pursuant to the decision of the Senate ref. no. 01-7740/19 and Article 11 of the Rulebook on doctoral studies of the University of Mostar, public defense of the doctoral dissertation topic of the doctoral candidate Ivana Lukić Kristić, entitled Prediction of the nonlinear load-settlement relationship for shallow foundations on granular soils before the Committee for defense and evaluation of the doctoral dissertation topic composed of:

- Ivo Čolak, Ph.D., Chairman

- Maja Prskalo, Ph.D., Dissertation Advisor

- Amira Galić, Ph.D., Member

was held on Thursday, 23 April 2020 at 8:00 online, via Google Meet. In addition to the Committee, the topic defense was also attended by Gordan Prskalo, Ph.D., Tatjana Džeba, M.Sc., and Danijela Maslać, B.S.C.E. The candidate successfully presented the paper and answered the questions asked by the Commission.

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