e-Zbornik - No. 19

e zbornik ni

Dear readers,

This is the 19th issue of e-ZBORNIK - Electronic collection of papers of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Like the previous ones, this issue is published in Croatian and English and consists of ten papers. e-ZBORNIK can be found in the journal databases EBSCO (https://www.ebsco.com/products/research-databases/engineering-source) and Hrčak (https://hrcak.srce.hr/e-zbornik), and activities for its inclusion in new databases are in progress.

As the new editor, I would like to welcome the new members of the editorial board and thank them for their cooperation. I also extend my gratitude to the authors and reviewers for the successful cooperation during the realization of the 19th issue of e-ZBORNIK and I hope that the cooperation will continue in the future. Activities on organization of the 19th issue were hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic and the issue was published on time largely due to the enthusiasm and persistence of the editorial board, authors and reviewers, and all comments are always welcome so that we can work on improvements….

This issue brings out scientific and professional papers dealing with various topics in the field of civil engineering and other technical sciences. The topics treated are related to the impact of noise in urban areas, impact of climate change, hydraulic systems, numerical modeling in geotechnical engineering, wind turbine structures, structural testing and hydraulic modeling. The papers titled "The Austro-Hungarian hangars in Mostar" (Parts I and II) represent the first scientific analysis in Bosnia and Herzegovina of the Austro-Hungarian aviation and the architecture of structures related to aviation of that period. One of the articles provides an overview of the Bosnia and Herzegovina's opportunities to participate in EU-funded cross-border projects, with special reference to a project in which the part of civil engineering was significant, in order to bring the topic of participation in international projects closer to colleagues in the field of civil engineering.

I would invite interested authors to submit papers for the next, jubilee 20th issue, the publication of which is planned for December 2020.

Yours faithfully,

Mirna Raič, Editor-in-Chief of e-ZBORNIK