e-Zbornik - No. 22

e zbornik ni

Dear readers,

This is the 22nd issue of e-ZBORNIK, Electronic Collection of Papers of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. This issue, like the previous ones, is published in Croatian and English. e-ZBORNIK can be found in the journal databases EBSCOHrčakDOI (CrossRef) and DOAJ, and activities for its inclusion in new databases are in progress.
In bibliographic terms, the journal is identified by the following data: ISSN 2232-9080 (online edition) and DOI: 10.47960/2232-9080.
As the editor, I would like to thank members of the editorial board, authors and reviewers for the successful cooperation during the realization of the 22nd issue of e-ZBORNIK and I hope that the cooperation will continue in the future.

This issue brings out scientific and professional papers dealing with different topics in the field of civil engineering and other technical sciences. The topics treated are related to the analysis of the use of materials from recycled car tires in sound insulation, projects for revitalizing the BIM process, flood risk analysis using software solutions and geospatial analysis, lean in construction in BiH, blasting technology for the excavation of an evacuation tunnel, and introduction of new geodetic datums and map projections in FBiH.

I would invite all interested authors to send their papers for the next 23rd issue which is expected to be published in June 2022.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year 2022!

Respectfully yours,
Mirna Raič, e-ZBORNIK Editor-in-Chief