Field classes in Ploče Port

Field classes for several courses were held in Ploče Port on 25 January 2019.

After a cordial welcome and introductory presentation, the personnel took students and teachers on a tour of all parts of terminals: container terminal, old bulk cargo terminal, liquid cargo terminal, new bulk cargo terminal, administrative building, control room, damaged existing terminal for petroleum and petroleum products and its rehabilitation.

Students were informed about all elements of port operation, specifically:

- economic indicators of the Ploče Port operation and system optimization,
- water supply and drainage system in the port and associated facilities, with prior knowledge of sea levels from multi-year records by statistical data processing,
- dock construction method: description of foundation on driven piles and Benotto piles, description of the diver-assisted underwater concreting method, construction of the quay plateau, equipment and machines on it, operation of the machines,
- method of construction of the ramp for Ro-Ro ships,
- method of construction of terminals for container traffic, cranes for Panamax ships, types of containers,
- bulk cargo transfer method, with introduction to new equipment for bulk cargo,
- liquid cargo transfer and storage method,
- method of rehabilitation of the damaged dock for petroleum and petroleum products,
- method of soil consolidation for expansion of Ploče Port.

Photo gallery is shown below.

studijski posjet ploce 02

studijski posjet ploce 03

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